Posted by: pilgrims1326 | April 15, 2011

We are about to begin our pilgrimage…

In two weeks John and I will fly to Spain – his first time in Europe.  For years I have dreamed of doing the pilgrimage across Northern Spain known as the Way of St. James, a path taken by James, Jesus’ fourth recruit as an apostle,  as he carried the Word into the world.  It became an act of  devotion around the time of the Crusades , along with several other routes, and we will travel the last half of it  – from Leon to Compostela on the Atlantic – in thanks for my ordination and gratitude for the life we have found together, completing our journey at the Cathedral de Santiago in Compostela.

We invite you to be with us by reading this journal as we travel from station to station.  There are 33 stations across the route – each around 20 miles or one day’s walk – apart.  If that sounds familiar it is because the California missions are also spaced one day’s walk apart – that day, however, was probably not calibrated by two sets of late 60’s legs.



  1. Hello you guys,nice to view a few pix of your trek and hope the rest of the trip is even better.

  2. Hi Jane and John,
    Life of Apostle John is so much more real with someone I know “walking the walk.”
    I always thought the California Missions were located to be reached by ship. Sure you hear of the walking distance. But they did come from the Old World and knew about ships.So they had these lovely ports o’ call. Now I tell you! LOL

  3. We send you our blessing & prayers for a safe jorney & may you keep the spirt of St. James.
    Love Kathy & Doug

  4. Have a fabulous trip… I know this experience will be an amazing one! Can’t wait to read about it & follow your blog. I promise to write my “walking” article before you return 🙂

  5. I know you will have an amazing time! I will definitely follow your trip! Love, Wendy

  6. Ivan and I are sooo excited for you and will be with you everyday. This blog idea is great and a wonderful way for us to share in your adventure. Thank you for letting us be a part of it.

    Love ya both and wish you a safe and meaningful journey.

  7. We are sooooooooo excited for you!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful time! Enjoy!
    Much love, Melissa

  9. Looking forward to following your journey. Thanks for mentioning your blog to me.

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