Posted by: pilgrims1326 | May 20, 2011

John’s View

We are one day away from arriving in Santiago, ending our journey on the Camino de Santiago.

We have walked many miles, met many people along this journey, yet many thoughts have gone on within ourselves.

I appear to be stronger in my walking, up and down throughout the day. Throughout the days of walking, maybe it was just me, but everyday seemed to start out going up hill —- maybe a test of our will to continue.

I have found myself walking slower, in retrospect, really not wanting this journey to end knowing we are near. The memory of every inch, every step, everyday of this special walk will always remain.

As we will get further away from today and tomorrow, I know I will never forget the days of holding hands down those beautiful country paths so lush green with the sounds of birds and a cool stream running nearby. You stop and realize the many thousands who have walked these paths before and what meaning have come to their lives.

The peace within will always remain.


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