Posted by: pilgrims1326 | April 26, 2011

Get Set …….

All of us in own way search for the sacred in our lives – that which inspires awe or reverence beyond Kobe in the playoffs. It has become increasingly difficult in the modern world where we are besieged directly or ambiently by noise, lights, a constant communication barrage, and screens everywhere projecting visions of a society we are told is correct and desirable, to hear the small, true voice within saying, “here I am”. Even the tactile pleasure of turning a page in a well-loved book has now been “modernized” to a touch screen. Our lives can become desensitized and our spirits numbed, and so we must occasionally find them again. A pilgrim travels in search of an awakening to a place of spiritual significance and power – it is, however, often the journey itself which heals and enlightens.

The beauty of the passing landscape, the quiet and wonder of God’s creation, the flow of time being unmonitored by clocks and watches, the cadence of the walkers as a constant calmative beat, the cycles of the earth made more obvious by our presence in it, the stimulus of a new culture, new languages, strangers not yet friends – no one knows who you are …

Our training walks along the Palos Verdes peninsula – just a few miles from home – were startling in beauty and diversity. We had never “walked” the paths before – only driven by at a good clip to get somewhere else. We intend to walk the paths again when we return I am sure, but, for now we are off to a land of antiquity, civility, and intrigue to walk where hundreds of thousands of other pilgrims have gone before us……ultreya!




  1. I’m looking forward to living your walk vicariously. Enjoy the journey.

  2. Thanks for inviting me to be with you both on your trip in spirit. I will pray for a wonderful journey.

  3. Our thoughts & prayers with you for a saft jorney & keep the spirt of St. James
    Love Kathy & Doug

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  4. Sending our blessing & prayers for a safe jorney & may you keep the spirt of St. James
    Love Kathy & Doug

  5. Hi Jane & John,
    I am thinking of you and the joy of starting your amazing journey!!
    Love, Wendy

  6. As you take us with you in your hearts to the holy shrine of St. James, you will be in our thoughts and prayers for a safe journey, peace and comfort along the way, and many blessings that will come your way. With love from me and the congregation at St. Gregory’s.

  7. Blessings for a safe and restorative journey.
    The geography looks wonderful.
    Duw a’ch bendithio/God bless you both

  8. My prayers are with you both as you travel. I will be watching your trip

    God’s peace, Kathy

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