Posted by: pilgrims1326 | May 4, 2011

Day 5 Tuesday – Crew Assembles

Took one last walk up the street to see the awesome Cathedral of St. Marie of Leon which would be impossible to duplicate today. Left out suitcases in the lobby by noon and met with our travel group at 2:30. There are 13 pilgrims plus leaders – Jason,ebullient and knowledgable with dry British wit, and Ria, kind, well-travelled with a quiet humor that merges well with Jason’s and sets a relaxed tone. We are all impressed with how organized and professional they are. ” You are here to walk the camino. it is not a race – your speed is your speed – just enjoy yourselves” We got our scallop shell – the symbol of all St. James’ pilgrims – to tie on our backpacks -learned that the pilgrim greeting is “buen camino”, to always follow the painted yellow arrows, and to try to collect a full passport of stamps before reaching Compestela from churches , inns/eateries/retailers along the increasingly lucrative route” – then we will get a certificate and be at the Pilgrims mass. Our group is wonderful and diverse: a couple from Namibia (S. Africa), Luz from Puerto Rico, now a military wife in Germany who is taking a break from family life, Diane from Australia plus two brothers and their wives from Queensland – any group w/five Aussies has to be fun, a lovely couple from Norway, and wouldn’t you know – a Baptist seminarian from Va. Who gets ordained next month and then begins an assignment as chaplain in the Natl. Park Service.
We were then driven in our little bus 1-1/2 hrs to begin a 3 mile walk UP O’Cabreieo,a refurbished hill town w/stone streets stone houses and slate roofs. Our lodgings were a former monastery/hospital – spare, charming and conducive to amplifying any sound. THe walk was grueling and we arrived at the top breathless having trained arduously at sea level! We lit a candle at the little church manned by a single silent monk for our families and the gift of being able to make the trip- a sweet, dear moment. LIfe on the hill is very quiet, dark and cold. After a wonderful group dinner and getting to know one another, we all retired to our cells for a fast night’s sleep. Aside from the uphill torment, this was going to be an interesting adventure!








  1. hi!!!

  2. So glad that Cathy and Darla told me about your site. Enjoying your pictures and commentary. Sounds like you are having a magnificient time and enjoying all that Spain has to offer. How wonderful to travel the same route as so many have done over the centuries

  3. I see you didn’t venture too far to find another San Pedro. We’re enjoying your descriptive updates, stay safe and have fun. See you when you return.

  4. Love hearing from you & reading about your pilgrimage.r Doug & I both finish “The Alchemist” in reading the notes at the end of the book found that Paulo Coelho the author had also took the same
    pilgarimage. Jane you most likely have read the book already.
    Lookingo forward to the next chapter.
    Went to the mothers day dinner last night at church — enjoyed very much & the food was very good.
    Love Kathy & Doug

  5. Buen camino and enjoy – a wonderful experience!

  6. Love the pics of you two. Love the group photo. Sounds like a great diverse group. I can’t wait to hear all about them.

  7. Uff Dah!!!

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