Posted by: pilgrims1326 | May 20, 2011

Along The Way

John and Jane, California, USA

Diana, Queensland, Australia

Quintin and Merryll, Namibia

Luz, Germany

Victor and Sonja, Norway

Kam, Virgina, USA

Cindy, Eric, June and Ray, Western Australia

Ria and Jason, Fantastic Guides, Spain

Meeting to discuss tomorrows walk


Lunch along the way


The Way

The Way

The Way

The Way



  1. Dear John and Jane, would you tell me with which organisation you arranged your trip? I have read your entire record of the journey and although originally had thought husband and I would take out several months to do whole 900 miles…the way you did it sounds very civilised!

    • Claire,

      Thanks for your comment – we used Fresco Tours ( – a wonderful and spiritual adventure,


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