Posted by: pilgrims1326 | May 20, 2011


Prayer at breakfast before our last day of walking

                         Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our heavenly Father – In the past days you have placed incredible abundance before us –

Tables of wonderful food presented with skill and affection

Hours of creating new friendships, of laughter, of conversation and camaraderie

The incredible glory of your creation laid before us in golden sunlight and soft rain – an awesome display of the richness of this world and the elegant cycles of life

You have guided us by providing Ria and Jason with their kindness, compassion and professionalism and gifted with their unique natures and personalities.  You gave us Thelso to keep us safe and mobile with his patience and good nature.

We have learned, dear Father, that the treasure we may seek is not found only at our destination, but in the journey itself.

We have learned truths about ourselves and discarded untruths.

This journey is a microcosm of the lives we will live beyond it – in many ways we will continue to travel it together.

Keep us safe, keep us well, always surrounded by the Holy Spirit until we meet again….Amen.



  1. When Jane stood up at the breakfast table at Andeade to read the blessing I was sitting directly opposite her. It was brave. To stand up in church where everyone is expecting you to pray is quite different to standing up in front of people who are chatting and munching their toast.

    It was a special moment and I felt thankful that she was able to shift the tone so easily from chatting banter to serious contemplation and back again. Everyone went away feeling grateful for that prayer!

    (BTW Thelso is exactly how Celso is pronounced!)

  2. Beautiful… I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your posts & viewing your wonderful pictures! What a glorious journey! It has made me wish to make this quest one day even more than when you first told me about it 🙂

    God Bless you with a safe journey home, Karin Burgess

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